Inspiration Behind Our New Mexico Desert Collection

At some point in every woman’s life, she will stand at the edge of the water and stare into the eye of the desert. From its quiet emptiness she will remember how to listen. Out of its nothingness she will discover life. She will reflect on the lessons of survival that have been passes down from mother to mother. She will remember the scorching heat of her own passion, forgive the plants the sharpness of their needles, and learn to grow and shed skin from skin in an endless serpentine dance.  

In our New Mexico Desert Collection, we celebrate the strength and beauty of the desert within every woman. Each bead is dedicated to the fierce power we draw upon from deep within us, which like the desert is at once wild and still. In the deep blues we hear a midnight coyote sing to her silvery moon. In the golds and browns we feel the shimmering heat of the sun reflect against a mirror of sand. In every black bead we are reminded that it is within the darkness that we find the deepest rest.

ETKIE New Mexico Desert Collection

This fall, we invite you to bring home the primal knowledge and infinite possibility that the desert inspires in us. Through classic earth tones and geometric patterns, our New Mexico Desert collection captures it in each stunning handmade piece.

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