Special Edition: Tó Glass Cuff Small

$ 215

DIGDEEP is on a mission to dig wells on the Navajo Nation that go deep enough to hit uncontaminated water, a challenging endeavor that can cost over $500,000 and for a non-profit that relies solely on donations, this could take a while.

ETKIE wants to help. We believe that clean, accessible water is a human right everyone should enjoy. The Navajo Nation just happens to be very close to home for us. The majority of our artisans are Navajo, and doing what we can to help ensure a good quality of life for them and their families is a number one priority for ETKIE. 

We created this exclusive cuff to support their efforts. All profits from the Tó cuff will be donated to DIGDEEP as well as an additional 10% of all proceeds from the AQUA collection during the month of September.  

Here's the link to the blog about our trip visiting homes with Darlene as well as more information about the Navajo Water Project.

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