Cal joined Etkie in 2015 and has done beadwork for over ten years. He keeps everyone organized and has played a pivotal role in developing the framework for our artisan network.

Dru was our very first artisan at Etkie. She's stood by us through the ups and downs of starting a business and we're so grateful for her positive energy and spirit. She's a mom to two wonderful children and the best looking grandma we've ever seen. Her favorite past time is being outside and eating pineapple upside down cake.

Val likes working with Etkie because it enables her to work from home with her two boys. She is a strong role model for her family, community and her beading team at Etkie.

Not pictured yet! 
As a mother of six, Tanya’s ability to bead at home enables her to spend more quality time raising her family. All of her children are in school and she often looks after or fosters children in her extended family. Learning how to bead from her mother and grandmother, she has a passion for experimenting with colors and patterns. Tanya is committed to using her talent to empower youth and teach them how to create sustainable livelihoods within the creative economy.