Refined jewelry and accessories crafted by talented artisans in underemployed communities. 

Etkie celebrates the rich landscape and cultural heritage of the southwestern United States. Our collections are produced by Native American men and women in New Mexico. 

We are on a mission to make our production process as beautiful as the products we create by ensuring that all of our products are crafted or finished by talented individuals in underemployed communities.

Each piece you purchase helps to preserve the cultural heritage of artisans in New Mexico. 

Handmade luxury jewelry

The Artists


Artisan and beader PriscillaPriscilla is one of the strongest and hardest working humans we know. With Etkie from the very beginning, she’s taken on an enormous amount of responsibility. Her determination and dedication have been the single most important factor in helping Etkie blossom and grow. As the lead beader, Priscilla crafts her bracelets with such meticulous detail that each piece reflects the passion and commitment she has for her art.   


Artisan and beader TanyaAs a mother of six, Tanya’s ability to bead at home enables her to spend more quality time raising her family. All of her children are in school and she often looks after or fosters children in her extended family. Learning how to bead from her mother and grandmother, she has a passion for experimenting with colors and patterns. Tanya is committed to using her talent to empower youth and teach them how to create sustainable livelihoods within the creative economy.  


Artisan and beader PhilThe jokester of the group, Phil always has the team laughing. Knowledgable in the history of Native American art & cultural practices, he lends his expertise in helping design Etkie pieces in a culturally appropriate manner. He has over two decades of experience working in jewelry and is well known in the artisan communities for his high quality craftsmanship and sense of humor. 


Founder's Story

Founder of Etkie SydneySydney Alfonso, CEO of Etkie, was raised by her mom in rural New Mexico. While Sydney was raised in a small ranching community, her mother didn’t promote small dreams. Determined to frame an ethical business model around the kaleidoscope of languages, landscapes, and traditions of the Southwest. Sydney found a niche in the market for upscale, contemporary jewelry and accessories that reflect the art and heritage of New Mexico’s people.



Committed to a production process that humanizes the hands that craft each product, Etkie creates refined jewelry while igniting change within artisan communities.  


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