Online orders can take up to 5 business days to create. If our artisans finish it sooner, we will ship it! Before major holidays we suggest ordering 2 weeks before you’d like to receive your purchase. 


Everything is handmade from start to finish. Every single bracelet is unique, which means there might be slight variations in each piece. If you’re not happy with your bracelet, please reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate.  


All of our cuffs 6” long and have an adjustable copper band inside. They fit most average size wrists. 



We use USPS 5-Day Ground or 2-Day Priority Shipping on most orders but can ship via UPS and FedEx on request.


Yikes! It’s expensive! We’ll do our best to find you the best option so if you have any questions please email to request a quote.


Our artisans are Navajo beaders based in New Mexico. At Etkie, they have a platform to create contemporary designs using the artistic traditions passed down from generations. 

How do the artisans work with ETKIE? 

Our artisans are private contractors, meaning they’re their own bosses. This allows them to work as much or as little as they want depending on their lifestyle needs. For example, many of our artisans are mothers and appreciate the flexibility!

Why are your artisans private contractors?

As a small business, our artisans are private contractors. We help them set up legal, invoicing and billing processes and they are always paid immediately after their work is complete. As they own their own small business, they are contributing to their Social Security for when they retire. Additionally, most of our artisans do not work full time. 

What are the artists being paid?

Because of the price based exploitation typically seen in the artisan craft sector, we make sure our artisans are paid fairly. Etkie’s prices are determined by Etkie artisans.  We also have a bonus structure in place for artisans to make extra earnings. 

Our prices reflect the time it takes our talented team to expertly craft every piece, ensuring that artisans receive above market-rate compensation for the incredible work they do.

Is Etkie a not-for-profit?

No but we are a social enterprise, meaning that our mission is to generate a profit that is aligned with social impact. Etkie’s goal is to help generate financial independence for the Navajo women with whom we work. 

In the US, if financial gain occurs from revenue-generating activities that profit must be taxed as business income. Since our purpose is to sell bracelets, that means all of our profits would be taxed. Therefore, being a business is better suited for the purpose of the company and the independence for our artisans. 

Do you receive any external funding?

We don’t take donations, and we’ve never turned to investors for funding. We want to stay wholly independent so that we can ensure our priorities are our artisans and not shareholders. 

Why not become a worker-owned cooperative?

We conducted two feasibility studies with two different non-profits to turn into a worker-owned cooperative. However, after consulting with the Etkie artisans, we discovered that they benefit from the current model, whereby they aren’t required to invest time and money into owning the company.

How do artisans benefit from working with Etkie?

Etkie exists for one reason--to create a business that enables Native artisans to have financial independence.

Working with Etkie allows artisans to reach a broader market without having to worry about other business commitments. Etkie covers all upfront costs - materials, equipment, marketing, logistics - so our artisans need only focus on using their expert skill set. They set their own hours and determine their level of commitment and involvement with the company on a weekly basis. 

As a result, Etkie has a respectful relationship with our artisans which is why we believe they have continued to work with us over the years.

How does my purchase benefit Native communities? 

Working with Etkie allows Native communities to profit from their expertise and talent by reaching a broader market and fulfilling a higher volume of orders.


We are headquartered in Albuquerque, NM (8-5 MT).


We believe in talent! Etkie a jewelry company that creates quality jobs in underemployed communities that honor the customs and traditions of its makers. 

Our founder grew up in New Mexico and started Etkie as a collaboration with Native American artisans. Our goal has always been to provide Native American artists the ability to earn an income while working from home and remaining in their community.